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About Me

Tom Phillips ThatSEOGuy

Hi there! My name is Tom Phillips (ThatSEOGuy). I’m 22 years old and live in the South of England. I make a full time living online and love everything internet related.

How did it all start?

I started becoming interested in business and developing websites at the age of 13 which then led me on to starting my own custom miniature skateboard deck business (like Techdeck). It turned over over £1k in the first year, which is a lot when you’re that age! I sold them via my website and sent them all around the world.
That was when I got the itch to strive to become a successful entrepreneur.

Throughout the following years, I owned a few more successful businesses including reprogramming Xbox controllers, large eBay stores, niche specific WordPress theme and my most recent, a Bitcoin related computer parts company.

Back in 2008 I was in wasting my time in college so left after 3 months as a saw a gap in the market for iPhone apps (back when the AppStore had just 10k apps). You can find my apps in the AppStore, including my latest, HideMyPlate. I then went onto working full time at a web development company as a developer but quickly moved over to becoming the their dedicated in-house SEO.

SEO had always interested me but this is where I really put things into practice ranking their 300+ sites. From there, I left to pursue my own dreams of being my own boss and working from home.


On my Jack Jones

My Bitcoin computer parts company was my most successful yet and using my new SEO skills, I decided to steer away from typical online marketing of paid-for advertising and only use search engine optimization as the main source of traffic.

I managed to rank #1 for my top 4 keywords for my products within just a month, which led to making over $40k in just 3 months from SEO alone. That is when I realised the pure power of SEO.

Tom Phillips ThatSEOGuy

My BMW M3, bought with internet monies – Learn what I am teaching, rank sites & you can achieve this easily!

Building products and services is something I love doing. You can find my free kickass SEO training on this site including one to one SEO training and client based SEO services.

SEO has enabled me to rank a lot of sites and enable them to become successful without spending thousands on paid for ads. This is why I created ThatSEOGuy to show you exactly how I do it. I provide some of the the most advanced SEO training available online, all for free.

See you in a video soon!