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Best Captcha Service for FCS Networker

Best Captcha Service for FCS Networker

Today we review the best Captcha service to use for supercharging your web 2.0 account creating on FCS Networker.

This Captcha service has established itself as the leading captcha breaking software available on the market today and with it’s low prices, it is for sure the best Captcha service for FCS Networker.

With Death by Captcha you can solve any CAPTCHA. All you need to do is implement their API, pass us your CAPTCHAs and they will return the text. It’s that easy!

Death By Captcha Logo

Death By Captcha Offers:

  • Starting from an incredible low price of $1.39 for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs.
  • A hybrid system composed of the most advanced OCR system on the market, along with a 24/7 team of CAPTCHA solvers.
  • An average response time of 15 seconds, with an average accuracy rate of 90% or more. And you always pay for correctly solved CAPTCHA only!


Setting up DBC in FCS

Setting up Death by Captcha in FCS is very simple.

  1. Log into FCS Networker
  2. Navigate to the API tab (top of screen)
  3. Enter your DBC username and password at the bottom
  4. Go to Account Creator and your DBC amount should show
  5. You are now ready to create accounts fast!

I highly recommend using DBC over any other captcha service as I have persoanlly wasted a lot of money trying out others including captcha sniper, the best captcha and GSA captcha breaker software. But for the price, it is well worth it. You can start off just spending $1.39, which is peanuts compared to GSA’s captcha breaker which is $147 to buy out right.
Thats over 100,000 captchas for the same price which you will never hit unless you are running a thousand sites constantly for a year. It is just not worth the investment. Pay as you go is much more cost effective, especially if you are trying to keep your costs down.

Get DBC here (not an affiliate link)


Set up DBC for FCS Networker

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