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How to create Pillowed SEO Links Post Panda 4.0

How to create Pillowed SEO Links Post Panda 4.0

Creating Pillow links

In this article, I go into detail about how to create Pillowed (or pillow) links post Panda 4.0 for your SEO campaign. Since Google is now slapping HARD where the main keyword is used as the main percentage of the sites anchor text links, it is now important to create pillow links to disguise your main keywords, leaving your main keywords for your PBN and high powered sites.

You must make sure you are using 90-95% pillow links to now get picked up on the radar. You can pay for services like these here, but it is much more effective to buy the software and build you own as I explain below.

Anchor Text

Pillowed links are links that have diverse anchor text. These include:

Miscellaneous anchor text:
Click here, read more, more information.

Your brand name (pretty self explanatory)

URL variations:,,

How can I build these links?

I personally use FCS Networker which saves a lot of time when it comes to actually creating the Web 2.0 accounts, sites and links. Instead of manually signing up to each Web 2.0 account, it can mass create accounts, then submit your content directly to them.

FCS Networker - Pillow links

You can get FCS Networker for just $27/mo here (usually $34/mo)

These links will greatly help you out with ranking in Google. This is what works NOW. As of July 2014 and onwards.

To find out more about SEO services, see our homepage.


Find out how to build brand links to aid your pillowing in another article/video here.

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