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Onsite SEO Blueprint + Ranking 3rd in 7 Minutes!

This week on ThatSEOGuy, I show you the Onsite SEO Blueprint PLUS how I managed to rank 3rd on Google in 7 Minutes without ANY backlinks on a fresh page.

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  • CV

    For a given money site going for a specific set of keywords where you’re ranking the home page, how many pages of content would you suggest putting on the site, with how many words of content each?

    • Tom

      Hi CV, it really depends on the competition of the search term. But I recommend building more pages than your competitors to give you that extra edge. This can be achieved with a blog that contains unique content that Google will love. Try building a basic site with say 6 pages, try to rank it, see where Google places it, then go from there. No point in creating 100 pages off the bat as it is overkill. Start small and scale up. You may rank for the given keyword very quickly. Hope this helps.

  • Dave van Lent

    Hi Tom,

    I paid for your GB on Ahrefs + Moz + SEMRush Monthly Subscription.

    It’s been 2 days ago still nothing heard from you.

    Please contact me


  • Now Mindfulness

    Hello: How I can follow the advice for the home page in a blog?. I mean that in a blog the home page is not static, could not having fixed content of many words or keywords fixed, fixed images, etc. The content changes every day. How can I optimize the home page in a blog?

    • Tom

      Hi, thank you for your comment. Thats a good one!

      My suggestion is to keep to the guidelines of onsite SEO, alt tags on your images, headings, etc. You can add content below your posts shown on the home page to make sure some static content is still present. See for an example of this.

      Make sure that your blog post titles contain your keywords towards the start so that they get picked up on the homepage. If you have enough blog posts showing on the homepage, you will be over the recommended 500 words threshold easily.
      Just keep building backlinks and increasing the authority and your site should rank no problem :)

      • Now Mindfulness

        Thanks Tom!

  • Jack

    Hey, If I’m ranking a brand new affiliate site, and the pages I want to rank are inner pages should I still send PBN links and social signals to the homepage for now, Ive linked to the pages on the menu side bar in in text on the static homepage?

    Also apart from PBN links, should I send other type of links as well? or should I just build PBN links and socials

    thanks for any help

    • Tom

      Hey Jack, thats for commenting.

      Perfect, you have done exactly what I was going to suggest regarding linking the inner pages contextually from the home page. For new sites, send the majority of links to the home page to start with. Then slowly drip feed the inner pages. Don’t just use PBN links and Social Signals, you need to use a range of different links. Profile, Social Profiles, Blog comments, Video links etc, they are all good to use. I use PBN links as the driving force for juice and you will see movements when using PBNs.

      Hope this helps!

      • Jack

        thanks for reply m8

        are web2.0s, article directories also good these days?
        also how long would you wait to post a backlink to the innerpages?


        • Tom

          No problem. They are good to diversify links, I would not rely on them to properly rank in Google though. 2-4 weeks for innerpages I recommend.

  • Steve Goldberg

    Come on dude, we know this article (and the PBN one) isn’t written in Jan 2016, you just change the published date… Aside from that, great article.

    • Tom

      Hey Steve, thanks for the comment. You’re exactly right! The same strategies that worked last year, still work well to this date. We still use all the same tactics and have very good results with them. Hope the articles helped :)