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Penguin 3.0 Has Arrived! – How To Beat It!

Penguin 3.0 Has Arrived! – How To Beat It!

As you may or may not have seen a dip or spike in your SERPs but it is always useful to keep up to date with the latest happening of the Google algorithm changes, especially as it could turn your sites upside down in a matter of days. Knowing how to fix your site to recover is even more important.

The main 2 things that Google is penalising sites for is direct spam (GSA/SENuke) and also unrelated/spammy web 2.0s pointing at your money site.

Direct spam and unrelated 2.0s are getting de-indexed

What happened?

Google has updated their algorithm, with what people are calling ‘Penguin 3.0’. They are de-indexing spam which means if you have spammy sites linking to your money site, the backlinks will drop. If you backlinks go down, especially if you have a lot, your site will most likely fall in the SERPs.

It is not all bad though, Google are boosting sites with a natural linking structure so if you have followed what I have taught you in previous posts, you should be fine. It seems that spam will always loose at the end of the day and should only be used for churn and burn sites. Do not expect to rank for a long time using spam, if done incorrectly! By all means, black hat SEO will still work, it is just like playing with fire if Google flips the switch and your site pays the fine.

My sites been hit, tell me how to fix it!

Firstly, start off by removing all links from the de-indexed site.

As you should always keep a list of the sites that you have built that are linking to your domain, check to find out with of your 2.0s have been de-indexed by pasting their URLs into an index checker like or for bulk, use Scrapebox.

Create a list of your de-indexed URLs, log into each and remove the links to your money site.

Note: If a site is not indexed, do not create a link to your money site from it. It will cause negative effects or leave you with results at all. So don’t waste your time.

If you don’t have time to do this yourself, have your VA do it instead.

This should then get rid of the bad links pointing to your site.

If you have 2.0s that you have spent a lot of time or money on, you could always try to get them re-indexed. Chances are, they have been de-indexed for a reason so starting fresh and building quality links is always the best approach here.

The Web 2.0s I offer through my Super Smash service are high quality, relevant and are put through 2 indexers to make sure they count as a link.

What else can I do? Tried Social Signals?

Next week I was due to release my new push button SEO service, Social Llama, a naturally drip-fed Social Signals service that I have been testing and working on for the past 3 weeks.

Social signals are Facebook Shares, Tweets and Google +1s from various social media network sites that create a connection between a user and the website, which is exactly what is becoming ever more of a ranking factor in Google nowadays.

I have created a push button SEO service that actually works!

It can take a long time to create quality content, share it, then hope other people do too which is why with Social Llama, I have created a push button SEO service where by you enter up to 3 domains per campaign, spun descriptions, hashtags and the quality Social Signals will be manually drip-fed to your site over the month.

Since the whole PBN de-indexing, I looked for other ways of ranking sites without spending $$$ on expensive domains that potentially could get de-indexed. Tested out Social Signals and ranked a site within 2 days, had 500k visits in 24 hours and ranked it on the first page within 4 days. More on this to come.

Any ways, since I discovered this, I looked into what other SEOs had been saying about them and found some interesting information. Turns out using Social Signals that are legit and drip fed, are proven to boost your rankings quite considerably. Just check out the following posts:

Social Llama Social Signal Proof
Social Signals Proof from Social Llama

Use the discount code: tsg15 to receive 15% off for life.

To Recap:

– Remove links from de-indexed domains
– Drip feed Social Signals
– Build new, quality links
– As always, don’t do spam to your money site!
– Quality over quantity
– Invest more time in creating higher quality of content

I am sure this will help a lot of people out, so if it has helped you, please spread the word and share this post. It is the worst feeling not knowing why your site has dropped on the SERPs, believe me!

  • David Hawk

    Hey Tom, Cool service is the discount coupon still available? Interested in it. Thanks

    • Tom

      Hey David, to Social Llama? We have just re-launched it, so the prices are SLASHED! But they are going up again in a few hours so jump in on this lifetime discount quick.

      For this reason, the coupons are currently nulled until the prices go back up to normal next week.

      Any questions, just ask.